Vocation and Calling

So much of what we do in life is shaped by the questions we are asked. When you were a kid, chances are people asked you, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Unfortunately, the answers most of us gave – or were cajoled by our families to give – were actually answers to “What do you intend to do to make money?”


I ask my clients what they want to be – which includes expressing their innermost values; experiencing feelings, people, events and environments; and self-actualizing their deepest, most authentic selves – and then we work together to figure out what they’ll do and where their money will come from, properly taking this experience of being, the felt sense of who they are that they want to manifest, as true north on our psychic compass.


I’ve helped lawyers become travel writers; university professors become virtual reality game developers; IT managers move into operations; executive assistants become leaders in their own right; retail clerks and restaurant servers break into film, publishing, landscape architecture and art therapy… the list of new beginnings – whether gentle fresh starts on somewhat familiar ground or radical life makeovers with every ingredient a new and custom choice – now extends into the thousands.


The art of living your calling is a blend of knowing what you love, understanding where in the market that love can be put to use, and then understanding how to create a lifetsyle that works for you in that environment… which brings us to making a living.