TV Clips

A Small Selection of Some of Alannaʼs TV Clips


Alanna is a regular guest on City TV’s Breakfast Television, and has appeared on Global and the Knowledge Network. She was also the only coach in Canada to make the W-Network’s Top 20 during their 2008 Experts search.  Hosts and producers applaud Alanna’s blending her considerable expertise with a great deal of humour, as well as her ability to handle any question and respond to live viewer calls.


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This video was Alannaʼs entry to the Womenʼs Television Networkʼs Expert Contest. She was selected for the Top 20 out of over 1000 entries and was the only coach in Canada to make the finals. The video is also a good introduction to Alannaʼs workstyle, passion and personal commitment to her clients.
This television interview explores the importance of intuition in our lives, especially the way that we can use travel and other downtime to help us access our intuition and bring us closer to our authentic selves.
This interview with Simi Sara was called “Take This Job and Love It.” Part of the launch of Alannaʼs first book, Love Made Visible: Values-Driven Approaches to Work/Life, this interview shares inspirational stories of Alannaʼs clientsʼ success.
This interview, also with the delightful Simi Sara, offers tips on how to jumpstart your career toward promotion or greater satisfaction.
Targeted especially toward Gen Y, this CityTV interview offers tips and wisdom for high school and university students in search of summer work, part time cashflow employment and longer term career placements upon graduation.
Office Politics are the number one reason for job dissatisfaction, able to make an otherwise great job into something you just want to escape. Tune in to learn how to deal with game-players, gossips and people trying to manipulate you.
“You know itʼs time to change jobs when…”That blank is filled in a few times in this pre-Recession interview. As the economy begins to rebound and companies are hiring again, this advice is as relevant as ever.