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Testimonials for Alanna’s Workshops

 Participants LOVE Intuitive Strategies


“Alanna has a gift for sensing what people need from their visioning experience and making it happen.  Great for newbies, she’s gentle and yet strong enough to make you feel like someone knows what they’re doing when you don’t. She uses her voice so well you forget it’s her and just go with it – and then you somehow see and feel exactly what you need. If you’ve never had the experience it’s hard to explain and it kind of sounds flowery, but you just know you can trust her to get you where you need to go and it all comes together perfectly. I got a lot out of it.  It was honestly quite profound.”

– Steve Fairbairn, Operations Manager


“The whole experience, to actually go there, not just to meditate but to walk with Spirit and feel those offerings was incredible. The environment instantly felt safe and the group supported one another to make it beautiful. Even when my mind got active, I came back to the experience and it got better.  Thank you Alanna!”

– Kaela Scott, Registered Clinical Counsellor


“I came because I’ve been reconnecting with my magic, clearing out my life from old habits and old relationship dynamics I’ve outgrown – the workshop was a place to launch into new things, things I love, deeply and with support.  Alanna’s guidance was so strong and helpful. There were many little surprises and gifts, so worthwhile.  Thank you.”

– Alison Dowsett, Writer


“The workshop was a good place to get clarity and focus on what path to take and what to keep or leave behind.  Seeing clearly things I know I already know, having them confirmed, was very powerful.  So was having the tools and focused energy to create an action plan for my future.”

– Tami Leidl, Senior Manager, Not-for-Profit Society


“I was hoping to get clear on what work I am here to do. Put in place a strategy to transition through what I presently do to something more fulfilling and purposeful, and I got what I needed. The best part of the meditation experience was seeing my father appear as one of my guides/soul family – I was not expecting that. It moved me. The best part of the dialogue/brainstorming/strategic planning experience for me was the mission I feel like I am on now. I found clues and messages to follow and explore. I would not change or add anything to the workshop – I was really pleased.”

– Audra Ricketts, Business Owner, Artist, Actor & DogLover


“I wouldn’t have believed this was a BUSINESS event, but I honestly got more focus on where my next markets are in visioning with Alanna than I did in months of exploratory meetings and trend research last year.  And she knows her way around a business plan, too.  Alanna’s feedback delivered in a minute or two the kind of synthesis it has taken consultants months to catch on to.  I can’t believe I’m saying this but ‘GO MEDITATE!‘”

– Tim


“Meditation can be challenging – being guided so clearly and so well makes it easier.  I found Alanna’s voice very helpful. The idea that we can take action directly related to our spiritual experience was so freeing.

– Lorraine Murphy, Blogger (Raincoaster) and Social Media Trainer


“I came to get more clarity on my calling.  Alanna’s guidance and words were poignant and effective in taking me quickly into a meditative state where I could meet my guide. The meditation was deep and I also really appreciated hearing about other people’s experiences and realizing there were ways to use all this information in my life. Thank you!”

– Meredith Nicole, Heirloom Furniture- and Joy-Maker


“I attended the Intuitive Strategies workshop in order to connect with spirit on a deeper level, and bring this further connection into my life and career.  I was surprised how easily it was to connect with spirit with Alanna’s guidance, even though I have only meditated once before! The meditations were wonderful – I liked the feeling of being completely free with no obligations, and I loved following along to Alanna’s beautiful words and voice as she brought us on a journey deep into our selves.  The best part was the last meditation, when I saw every detail of my future studio. My action plans are to keep trying to connect with spirit daily and put intention into finding exactly what I want, without settling for less.”

– Katia Somerville, Tattoo Artist, Rainfire Tattoo


“I don’t know what I expected but I know I got a whole lot more.  Alanna’s voice is amazing.  You go places you never even imagined.  And then she makes it all real and useful with the planning part.  And her email feedback ROCKS!  Some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten.  I don’t know how she does it but you should try her out.”

– Melanie Autumn, Freelance Writer


It was great to deepen my sense of insight and trust in the choices I am making and the work I am doing. The best part was remembering my light and having both a vision and a knowing of that light being channeled perfectly through me. The multitude of different experiences around the room was very affirming and Alanna’s insights are always so full of impact and potency.  I look forward to coming back.”

– Kelty McKerracher, Bodyworker (emBodywork) and Dancer


“There is much more to successful and rewarding life and work than the eye can see, but Alanna sees more than most.  Let her open a window for you.”

– John Templeton, District Manager


“The best part of the meditation experience was the chance to write our thoughts down immediately after each meditation. Your approach to leading the meditation was wonderful and I found it very easy to let go in the environment you created for us.  I found that the dialogue with the others was interesting and that there was a lot of synergy in the room. I found the comments and experience from the others in the room to be strength building. Overall a great experience. I believe you are providing a great value for the cost. This work is your calling without question!

– Colleen


“The places you take people are so beautiful, Alanna.  But the best part is the way you create space for dialogue and give meaning to the experience.  There are lots of places in Vancouver to meditate.  Yours is the only one where people take those meditations and build better lives.

– Caitlyn


“Alanna’s guidance was so easy to follow: clear, allowing, well-paced to let us go into ourselves and receive messages/images but not get lost.  Great opportunity to feel the energy and also to interpret and get support.  I learned a great deal and left feeling very excited about what’s next.”

– John H.