Testimonials Hiring

“Each word was built for us”

“Alanna developed a presentation on values-based networking, relationship building and enhancing workplace culture for our team just before Christmas. When she realized it would fall on the day of our Christmas party, she further customized the material – including several of her slides – to [read more]

“Such a difference in energy and results”

“Alanna, I have quite simply fallen madly in love with you! Your workshops for our team are thoughtful and exciting as well as so useful, which is saying a lot when they come at the end of a long day for everyone. You understand our experiences so well, sometimes I can’t believe you don’t [read more]

“Her candidates are always an excellent fit”

“Encompass recruitment provides great value. Running two busy, multi-doctor offices does not leave a lot of time for HR. Alanna handles the process from end-to-end and all I have to do is make the often difficult decision of choosing between multiple well-suited candidates. We’ve used Encompass’s [read more]

“We wouldn’t hire without her”

“It’s like old home week every time Alanna comes into our office. She has been responsible for recruiting over half our team now, during some intense periods of growth and expansion, and by now we’ve reached a point where we wouldn’t hire without her. She is professional. She [read more]