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“Tremendous benefit”

“Alanna’s coaching has been of tremendous benefit to me in my professional life. I decided to work with her last year in order to clarify my career goals and develop the plans, skills and discipline to reach those goals. I noticed a difference almost immediately through Alanna’s ability [read more]

“A total rebirth”

“It’s great to be working again and I hold the whole experience with a lightness I never had before. My boss is already talking long term and wants to make me Chief Operations Officer — to which I responded (you would have been proud!) ‘Balance! My family is first priority — [read more]

“I’m thrilled about my new job”

“I wish I had found Alanna years ago! Her help with goals, resumes, interviews and negotiation are so valuable and I have benefited greatly from them. But the real reason to work with Alanna is how she makes you feel about yourself, and your possibilities in the world. She evokes an exciting and [read more]

“More than you were expecting – a lot more”

“When I first met Alanna, I thought maybe she could help me with my resume and increasing my salary and responsibility on the job. I soon discovered, Alanna has a habit of giving you more than you were expecting. A lot more. After all was said and done, she helped me recognize my strengths and [read more]

“Exactly what I needed”

“After finding myself in something of a rut in both life and work, Alanna’s was exactly what I needed. Alanna is a very dynamic speaker, challenging listeners constantly to see things in a different light. Alanna speaks with contagious enthusiasm and a delightful mix of motivation and humour. [read more]

“A renewed sense of purpose”

“In my search for a ‘balanced life’ I was lucky enough to attend one of Alanna Fero’s VIP coaching programs through the Vancouver School Board and then went on to join her famed Encompass “MomenTeam.” Alanna nipped in the bud what years of corporate workshops and personal [read more]