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“Her commitment to her clients is unwavering”

“Alanna’s counsel has been important in my solidifying my goals, holding myself accountable, and making and implementing decisions in alignment with my beliefs and values. Her thinking is laser-focused and her commitment to her clients is unwavering. Many aspects of my life, not just my short [read more]

“I highly recommend Alanna’s services”

“Alanna is one of the most resourceful people I have ever met. When I hired her as my coach, I naturally expected to get a good motivator and analyst, but I now find I have all that plus high quality business consulting. When I am looking for resources, leads, strategic alliances, subcontractors, [read more]

“A balance that any entrepreneur can use”

“Running a business with an international focus has its challenges and it changes every day, demanding the owner to prepare for different scenarios not the least of which are cultural. When standards are set for ethics and service which go well beyond industry norms, the challenges are greater. [read more]

“Honesty, sensitivity, and high ethical standards”

“I knew as soon as I called Alanna that we would work well together. Her honesty, sensitivity, and high ethical standards were evident in that first consultation. Alanna was very good at talking me through my fears and stopping places, and supporting me to take positive action. The thing that [read more]

“You never feel like you’re out there alone”

“I’ve been in sales for most of my life, so I thought I was well prepared to go out on my own. I wasn’t. Being part of a sales team had given me a structure to get through the day. My supervisor would hand me a stack of leads to follow up on that the telemarketers had put together [read more]

“One of the best decisions I have ever made”

“I wouldn’t have believed that a woman I still have never met, living on the west coast of Canada, who has never worked in my field, could have become so important to my consulting practice here in New York. But Alanna came highly recommended, so I decided to take her up on that complimentary [read more]

“If you can work with her, you should”

“I’ve been a client of Alanna’s for several years now – several very good years for me and my business, setting concrete goals and exceeding expectations every time. If you can work with her, you should. She is inspiring and you will never feel more passionate about your life or your [read more]

“All I can say is: Call Her”

“Working with Alanna as I build my business in Toronto is like having a board of directors and a guardian angel all rolled into one. Even though I have a fair bit of experience running a business, Alanna often draws my attention to things I hadn’t thought of, and helps me see even basic aspects [read more]