Starting Your Business on Solid Ground


Passion. Clarity. Strategy.  Scalability.


If you are like most of my clients considering a new business or currently in business start-up (and, start-up, by the way, is about three years for boutique businesses intending to tailor and then cap their growth; closer to ten years for those that want to truly own substantial market share on a regional, national or international level), your life is a daily mix of excitement and exhaustion, of far-reaching dreams and an inability to see past your flooded inbox and stacks of bills – indeed, of the every best intentions and a repeated abandonment of those intentions to time-crunched mantras promising, “We’ll do that next time.  Just this once, I’ve got to…”


“Just this once” will kill your business. It’s not a big explosion you tend to notice the way you would getting sued or having a global competitor set up shop across the street and undercutting your prices by 50%.  It’s more like a long, slow death by a thousand cuts.  But your business will bleed out just the same.


My job is to help you set goals, develop a week-by-week, quarter-by-quarter plan to put a genuine foundation under your business, and to set it up so it is scalable to your vision from the beginning.


“Start how you want to finish” is my mantra – in everything from marketing, sales and operations to client service, hiring and finance, up to and including time management, self care and quadruple bottom line consciousness.


My clients succeed faster than typical business start-ups and avoid the flame-outs of sky-rocketing success unsupported by either grounding or landing gear. And together we do it with more heart, more ethos and more joy than anyone who hasn’t experienced it can easily believe. Whether you are seeking a “lifestyle” venture that brings in just enough revenues to give you maximum flexibility, family and personal time or you want to create an entirely new business paradigm for a breakthrough in your industry leading to tens and hundreds of millions of revenues and beyond, there are proven strategies, tools and systems that can seed and fertilize your business to grow on your terms year after year.


I’ve partnered with clients to launch dozens of brand new ventures and supported the stabilization and expansion of hundreds already out of the gate – even rescued more than a few that were only weeks from closing their doors when their owners knocked on my door.  I might be able to help you, too.  Initial consultations are always complimentary and without obligation.  No matter where you live, we can design a combination of in-person, Skype and email service to meet your needs. Email today to get the entrepreneurial dialogue started.