Spirit Venture

The Next Evolution of Business… a Quadruple Bottom Line

People, Planet, Profit, Presence


Anyone who has ever had the soul-killing experience of working day in, day out in a role that doesn’t matter, where habit and bureaucracy strangle creativity, where people punch clocks and plot ways to leave early knows there has got to be a better way. Just as knowing are those brave and crazy social entrepreneurs who have started businesses with nothing but heart, guts and a green line of credit, who put 60 hours of work into every 24 hour day, who overdeliver for their customers, nurture their employees, donate to every charity auction that asks for help, speak at high school leadership summits, monitor their carbon footprint, who take care of everyone and everything… except themselves.


And their is an emerging knowledge base today – a hybrid generation that is part Boomer, part Xer, part Nexter, shaped by Indigo intuition and connected by social media, who are feeling and answering a call, and forging a path to that better way. Lightworkers, every one of us, whether we are artists, healers, consultants or manufacturers, and we know that the consciousness that we bring to the work, the practice of managing our energy and creating with intention, IS the work.


This new frontier is Spirit Venture.  By now you have a sense of whether or not this is your path. If you’re still reading, chances are it could be.  And I would be honoured to have a conversation on how I might serve… both your spirit and your venture.

30 minute initial consultations are always complimentary and without obligation. Email Alanna [at] alannafero.com to let the dialogue begin.