Social Venture

Doing Business with a Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet, Profit

As if just running a business weren’t already hard enough?  But if you’re on this page, then likely it would be far more challenging for you to make your living at someone else’s expense.  Your values demand nothing less than the full expression of your unique entrepreneurial venture and the greater social good.  I get that because I’m built the same way, and so is my business.

Most of my social venture clients come to me through one of two doors.  Door number one sounds something like this: “Alanna, I’ve got a pretty successful gig going, earning well, strong brand, but I have this sick feeling sometimes that we’re doing it wrong. I know we can ___________ (… be more sustainable… take better care of our staff… give more to the community… lead market trends instead of following the masses…)“  Door number two is coming from the other side: “Hey, Alanna, I have this amazing product/service and a team with so much heart it’s all I can do not to cry some days, and we use only fair trade procurement and we’re working on getting better benefits for our staff – we’re picking up more business but we’re still not turning a profit and I don’t know how much longer I can do this...”

Which one are you?

And are you ready to learn – quickly and effectively – how you can run a business that is equally laudable and profitable? Take a peek at my sample client list – chances are you’ll recognize some of those names and know that they are succeeding on all three bottom lines.

30 minute initial consultations are always complimentary and without obligation. No matter where you live, there are coaching packages to suit your needs.  Email Alanna [at] to get started today.