Praise For Love Made Visible

READERS LOVE Love Made Visible

Praise for this groundbreaking book where Work/Life is taken as an authentically integrated whole…

Alanna Fero gets it. A modern thought leader on career and work has finally emerged. Bravo!! At a time when more and more people are questioning the career paths they have chosen, this book presents real possibilities for the change and satisfaction we’re all looking for. Fero’s writing style is modern and her message is clear:  You can make a change and you can do it now.  If you’re serious about a career move, buy this book.  Do as I did – read it, then read it again.”  – Christopher Ian Bennett, Leader, Green Party of British Columbia

“Fasten your seatbelt… the excitement is about to begin… once you pick it up, you won’t be able to put it down. Storytelling at its best.  You will be drawn in by the real life drama of people – like you! – who are on a heartfelt journey of discovery and transformation. Alanna Fero’s unique blend of wisdom, hard-earned knowledge and enthusiasm for life will inspire you and provide practical guidance to follow your dreams. Love Made Visible is a courageous and smart book.” –Maria LeRose, Award-winning Television Producer; Moderator, The Dalai Lama Vancouver Dialogues

“Be prepared for a magic book without the sleight of hand. An important and beautiful perspective on what life’s work can really be all about – full, rich and meaningful.” – Jonni O’Connor, PhD, author of Living the Energy

“Alanna Fero has combined two irresistible ingredients for the reader to savor: the pure joy of dreaming and the down-to-earth satisfaction of achieving success.… A heartfelt perspective on never settling for second best.  Alanna is relentless in challenging each client to find what matters most to them, and inspiring readers to do the same.”  – Lynn Sumida, co-author of The Extraordinary Within – Welcoming Change and Unlocking Your True Essence

Love Made Visible is a wonderful book for those who know they want more from work and life. Filled with rich stories of those who have found themselves at a turning point, Alanna’s approach… is a great support to deep, authentic transformation. The book offers a critical tool for building sustained business and personal success by getting us to clarify what we really find important.” – Lynn Corrigan, Regional Human Resources Manager, Capers Whole Foods Community Markets

“In the face of ever increasing expectations and rapid change at work, it is easy to become deaf to our own inner voice.  Love Made Visible amplifies that voice and reveals its essential role in success that has meaning to us.  The message is simple but far from simplistic.  It is such an engaging read because it is so real. Fero writes with heart and wit as she shares the authentic struggles, fears, decisions, detours, and triumphs of individuals like you and me – all searching for our unique expression of what it means to be fully engaged today. I strongly recommend this book for anyone wishing to cultivate that rare combination of professional success and personal fulfillment.”  –Russell Hunter, National Director, Human Performance Institute Canada

Love Made Visible is hard to put down.  It’s great non-fiction that reads like a gripping novel, keeping you up late at night to get just a few more pages in.  I’ve been a client of Alanna’s for several years now – several very good years for me and my business.  If you can work with her, you should.  She is inspiring and you will never feel more passionate about your life!  If you can’t, this book is the next best thing.  It has her voice and her heart.  Engaging, insightful, and so rich with possibilities, speaking directly to you. I loved it!  Read this, then call her.” –Diana Zitko, CEO, Meridian Westcoast Mortgages and Number One Broker in Western Canada five years running

“Love Made Visible is a true delight filled with thought provoking revelations that are constantly challenging and nurturing the reader. Alanna Fero has beautifully painted each letter in this book with love and devotion.” –Andy Chu, CEO, Arc 2 Entertainment