Love Made Visible: Excerpt From the Introduction

Values. A word I must use in one context or another at least a hundred times a day. The V.I.P. Program: Values, Integrity and Purpose. Values-Based Time Management. Values-Driven Business. The Value of Energy and Engagement. Values-First Decision Making. A big part of my job is helping people to get in touch with – or even to access for the first time – what they value. As much as I...
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New Website… coming soon

What you see will soon be no more. Apologies for the lack of fresh content recently, but I’ve stopped updating this site in order to put that energy into creating a better one. Along with the brilliant folks at Arithmetic Creative, I’ll be rolling out a new face for you before 2009 is very old. (Yeah, that’s not very specific, but inspiration takes time…)

Love Made Visible: Excerpt From Preface

Work is just play that you get paid for: a belief that is one of my driving values. It should be fun, natural, graceful and even easy – yes, easy. If that offends some of your sensibilities about work ethic, professionalism, dedication and commitment, please don’t let it. The most devoted workers, the people who put in the longest hours and often achieve some of the highest results and enjoy...
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