My practice has always existed to create spaces, strategies, tools and relationships which joyfully and vibrantly support self-actualizing individuals and progressive organizational cultures to:


  • work in innovative, conscious, and loving connection to self and others
  • experience work/life, business and career, as integrative extensions of their highest visions for themselves and the world
  • experience achievement, success and abundant reward as the natural outflows of intimately knowing what matters and taking action in alignment with that knowing
  • do good in the world and do well for themselves at the same time


. . . and to lead on this path not by soliciting followers but rather by going first.

“We can learn from self-actualizing people what the ideal attitude toward work might be under the most favourable circumstances.  These highly evolved individuals assimilate their work into their identify of the self, i.e., work actually becomes part of the self, part of the individual’s definition of self.”

-Abraham Maslow