Making a Living

Living without passion, purpose or connection to the work we do can be devastating. Unfortunately, it is no less toxic to our well-being to feel a great vocation destroyed by stress, struggle and bitterness because we cannot live the way we want to on what it pays, or when the light goes out of the work once we commodify it.


It is truly a hero’s journey to find an authentic and practical balance between making a life and making a living, between making a commitment to our purpose and making that work pay … for ourselves and those we love.


I work with just as many people who have enjoyed substantial economic success doing work they don’t care enough about as I have with those who have found their heart’s calling… and yet find their heart trampled by bill collectors calling at the same time.  Both groups are often disbelieving at first that we can balance the spiritual and material in a way that will satisfy, but they move forward knowing that we can enjoy a work/life without compromise – or at least without compromising what is important and essential to us.  Clients who want more soul in their work are pleasantly surprised to discover that they can change paths without huge lifestyle sacrifices, often recovering their financial footing in an entirely new, passion-driven field in under two years.  Those who have more heart in their wallets than cash are overjoyed to learn that there are practical ways to generate revenue and manage businesses which substantially increase their incomes… no selling out required.


If you’d like to explore how you can make a life and a living at the same time, please be in touch.  Initial consultations are always complimentary and without obligation. Email Alanna [at] to get the conversation started.