Love Made Visible: Excerpt From Chapter 6

The Free Agent life – so named for Daniel Pink’s great book Free Agent Nation from the late 90s – is attracting many more people with each passing year. Many choose it to get away from something – ranging from their idiot former boss, 60-hour workweeks, milkrun business travel and the airless veal-fattening pen cubicles in which they work to a constant sense of restlessness, never being satisfied or ‘done,’ a malaise that sets in by 9:30 on Monday morning and worsens progressively until on Friday they are gasping for air and only barely catching their breath on Saturday before their case of the “Sunday Night Dreads” springs into action, usurping all hope of a restful sleep with its overwhelming angst and grief at the thought of going to work the next day…

I wish I made that stuff up and we could all decide I have a future writing daytime soap operas if I wanted (okay, I do!), but in fact those are just a few snippets of the heart-wrenching stories I have heard from hundreds of clients before they found the Free Agent path. However dispirited they may have felt when they took this turn, however, those who really embrace and succeed in Free Agency fairly quickly find a way to make it about going toward something: independence, service, community, social venture, balance, challenge, excellence, joy… Maslow’s self actualization, of course, found in experiences of our highest human values.

Not to say that there are never grounds or uses for running away; sometimes that’s just how we get our speed up to get going where we want to go. Like any survival instinct, it has its place. Thriving instincts are just better ways to live.

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