Keynote Topics

Relevant.  Timeless.  Inspiring.

Alanna speaks on a variety of topics, some of them listed below and all of them customized to the needs of your audience.  Book her and you’ll know why audience participants consistently rate Alanna at 4.6 or higher on a 5 point scale.


The Soul of Work

A spirited talk about creating workplace cultures where individuals are invited to not only bring but actually become their very best.  More than productivity and performance, meaningful on-purpose work, where our hearts, minds and spirits are equally engaged, is transformative, inspiring, and builds employee and brand loyalty in equal measure.  Great strides have been made in the evolution of social venture – what’s next, Alanna argues, is Spirit Venture and a quadruple bottom line: people, planet, profit and presence.


Generation Hybrid

Veterans, Boomers, Xers, Millennials… Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows… Beyond the buzzwords, labels and reports of clashing styles and age-based (or age-biased?) conflict is a hopeful and helpful message of intergenerational synergy and innovation. Sparked by Winston Churchill’s profound observation that leaders are often a contradiction to their times, and informed by  a decade of experience building cohesive teams, Alanna delivers a provocative and pragmatic message of how to create cultural collaboration across the generations by honouring both demographic trends and unique individuality.


Love Made Visible… Live!

Closely based on Alanna’s popular book of the same name, this inspiring talk explores ways you can create work that is at once mentally challenging, emotionally engaging, spiritually satisfying, and materially abundant.  Gain insights in how to turn your passions, inspirations and strengths into work you enjoy and a life you love.  Learn how to improve the bottom line of your company, division or department by focusing on the love there: love of service, mission, contribution, self-expression, opportunity, relationships and shared rewards.


Create Your Own Economy

Had about enough of the Recession talk?  Ready to take charge of your own experience instead of powerlessly watching your energy and revenues chaotically surge up and down with the headlines?  Join Alanna as she explores real-life stories of career makeovers, business start-ups, whole life rebirths, strategic alliances and necessity-as-the-mother-of-invention wealth creation that prove there is much light in this so-called time of economic darkness. Learn how the integrative application of proven business best practices and metaphysical principles can free you to create your own unique and abundant experience regardless of the macro trends swirling around you.

*Each topic above may be tailored from 45 minutes to 3 hours.  Custom topics also available.

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