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Take part in a new series of 3 hour integrative workshops bringing together the best of inspiration, intuition and real-world application from author of Love Made Visible: Values-Driven Approaches to Work/Life, trusted TV & radio commentator, venture catalyst, gifted meditation leader and life path expert, Alanna Fero. Call in spiritual guidance to clarify your authentic path, and work on practical strategies to first integrate your vision into your life today, then take steps to manifest your ideal future. (Jump to Workshop Calendar) 

Alanna’s Intuitive Strategies Workshops are for you if…


    • you have a prosperous and satisfying business or career, all your practical ducks in a row, yet sometimes long for greater connection, guidance or inspiration – that sense of MORE.


    • you have a rich spiritual life, perhaps a personal practice, probably a strong sense of purpose or dharma, yet you sometimes find yourself struggling to earn the living you desire or to balance time and priorities so they work for you.


  • you know that life is best when we are integrated in terms of what we believe and what we do, who we are inside and how we make our way in the world, and you are ready to create that for yourself.


Seven Unique Workshop Themes.

Several different days and times each month to take part. Choose what works for you. Flexible payment plans, too – package purchases always rewarded with significant discounts. Workshops limited to 10 participants to ensure personalized attention.


SELF-CREATION 2012: YOUR BEST YEAR EVER …in this powerful year, creative energies are accelerating and possibilities for growth, evolution and rebirth are stronger than they are ever likely to be in your lifetime. Join us to learn how you can tap into the highest and most creative energies in this transformative year and harness that power to improve your business, career, family or individual dreams. New clients? New job? New adventures? It’s all possible. Doomsday predictions need not apply – believe me, 2012 is a very good thing!

LIVING OUT LOUD: YOUR INNER VOICE SINGS! …connect not only to your Spirit guides but to clear and concrete messages from your Higher Self, the wise part of you that always sees the big picture and doesn’t get caught up in anxieties or small dramas – your very own mature and steady partner on the road of life. We’ll then use those special messages from you to you to create a personal mission statement to keep you on path and on purpose in all that you are and all that you do. This workshop will deepen your relationship with your own intuition so you can better make decisions & feel confident every day going forward.

SOUL FOOD: ORGANIC NURTURING FROM YOUR SOUL FAMILY…ever wonder why you feel so powerfully connected to some people, places and experiences and yet only a little or not at all drawn to others? This workshop will give you answers to your questions about who you are – and could be – drawn to. We’ll tap into your very own wisdom community! You have guides, guardian angels and a massive cheering section that is so proud of you – shouldn’t you know them? Listen to them? Thank them? Of course! Interact with your soul family, receive their gifts to you and then make it count with a plan to bring that soul family vibe to everyday relationships at work and play.


LETTING GO, OPENING UP …is there a natural and necessary ending in your life that you’ve been resisting? Are there gifts waiting for you in the integration of the loss of a job, a lover, an ability or a dream? Is there perhaps a habit of thought or action it would serve you to change? Use gently guided meditation and supportive dialogue to help you allow a beautiful rebirth by first understanding and accepting a metaphorical death. It sounds painful but it is so LIBTERATING! Take steps to receive your “ending’s” gift and then tune in for a feature preview of the rewards which await you once you’ve opened up new space in your life to receive.


LOVE MADE VISIBLE …what precious gifts lie hidden inside your soul, waiting for you to make them manifest in the world? What can the full expression of the natural abilities inherent in your dharma mean to how you make your living and your life? Use both meditation and dialogue to answer these questions and learn what those answers might mean for your career management or business development. You’ll see and feel vividly who you are meant to be and gain insights on the journey from here to there. This workshop, based on my first book, is so dear to my heart and often brings many unexpected gifts to participants. It’s your chance to see yourself in the best possible light and know that is who you really are.


MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK …are you a Lightworker? Or think you might be but you’re not sure? Are your drawn to people and opportunities which make a real difference in the world? Want to change how you make your living to bring it into alignment with your divine path? Do you already work with light yet struggle with charging for services which stem from spirit or have trouble getting paid what you are worth? We’ll invite the guidance you need and transform that wisdom into concrete tools for your understanding and abundance. Soon your light-play path will be even more clear!


STUMBLING BLOCKS TO STEPPING STONES …ever just run into one series of obstacles or challenges after another? Yet do you somehow know they are not random events but rather have purpose in your growth and development? Do you at least hope that there is an intention and an intelligence framing the experiences you attract, even if you don’t know what it is – especially the most challenging ones? Together we’ll invite that purpose to come to full consciousness for you and then use that clarity and inspiration to guide your next steps with equal parts momentum and grace.