Engagement Consulting

The best bottom line formulas people first.


Quickly after beginning to develop our brand as a values-driven career specialist who can get you out of an uninspiring or exploitive job and into a culture that will make your heart sing, some of the companies who were losing employees to better opportunities came calling. “Um, can you help us keep people instead of helping them leave?” Absolutely, YES! A new service line was quickly born which, nine years later, combines with consulting, recruitment and outplacement services, to support the very best in people solutions for companies who expect and enjoy measurable return on investment in human capital.


Onboard new employees.  Set clear performance expectations.  Blend cultures when mergers or restructurings reconfigure teams.  Unlock unrealized potential in individuals struggling with change.  Mediate personality conflicts.  Give managers better tools to genuinely lead and mentor. Because your success isn’t about who you hire… it’s who you keep.


Customized solutions are developed as part of a needs assessment and proposal process.  (It’s painless, really!) Get the conversation started by sending an email to Engagement [at] alannafero.com.