Career Transition

Getting from “stuck” or “nowhere” to engaged and thriving is possible – and a more direct route than most people think.

We all say that health, home, family, maybe even community, are the top things that matter in life.  For even very ambitious professionals, career tends to be prioritized somewhere between second and fifth in a busy life. Yet a solid career will give you the energy, opportunities and material resources you need to take care of your health, home, and family.  When you have a great day at work, you bring that home.  When you have a bad day – or a stagnating existence where most days are nondescript, average, and uninspired… you bring that home, too.  And when you are not working and you need to be, let’s face it, you can think about little else, and every aspect of your life suffers.


My approach to career transition is holistic and integrative.

Together we take care of your whole being – body, mind and spirit – as we forge a clear path and propel you into action.  We’ll implement proven strategies to help you secure the kind of job you’ve only dreamed about… and sometimes even better than you’ve ever let yourself dream before.

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