Career Management

Professional Advancement with Confident Career Management

No matter what your role in the organization for which you work, you and only you are in charge of your career. Whether you are an executive setting direction and course for hundreds or thousands of others or fresh out of school and still trying to decide where to make your mark, you have the power to create a career path rich with challenge, opportunity, collaboration, inspiration, wealth and meaningful contribution. Sounds like a tall order, I know.  But my career management clients do it everyday.


First we raise your consciousness.  Then we raise your sights.  Then we raise your level of engagement and influence – and soon after that, we raise your income and satisfaction, too.  There are no magic beans or overnight sensations – you’ll have to do the work.  But if you’re this deep into the website and still reading, work doesn’t scare you.  Far from it.  You simply know there is a work/life path for you that is more authentic, more aligned with who you are, more lucrative in its rewards, more recognized for its achievements… and you’re ready to get started today.


Packages of career management sessions are more affordable and yield results more quickly than you might expect.  Half hour initial consultations are always complimentary and without obligation. Email alanna [at] to start moving forward today.