Alanna Fero

~ Author, Coach, Venture Catalyst, Human Capital Strategist ~


Alanna Fero (MA, LSC) maintains a highly successful practice providing life purpose and business coaching, career management, leadership development, employee engagement consulting, recruitment and outplacement services to local and international clients. She is also a popular keynote speaker, television and radio commentator, and author of the well-reviewed book, Love Made Visible: Values-Driven Approaches to Work/Life, its title taken from the Khalil Gibran poem which says that “To labour with love is to know life’s inmost secret / Work is love made visible.”  Love Made Visible offers readers the key to unlocking the secrets of how to live a great life and enjoy the abundance brought about by work you feel passionate about doing.


Devoted to the self-actualization principles of Abraham Maslow, Alanna loves leveraging the power of interpersonal relationships, provocative dialogue, metaphysical principles and good strategy to improve people’s experience of their lives. She has become known for integrated approaches which create awareness and abundance in equal measure, demonstrating that there is no conflict between deep spiritual connection and material success. Her next book, Many Hands Make Light Work: Soul-Driven Approaches to Making a Living and a Life, is in writing stages now and details stories of the “callings” to a higher purpose for their work/lives that so many of her clients have felt and followed. Chapters also explore her own experiences with following intuitive guidance, including walking the Camino de Santiago, a Pilgrim’s journey and literal metaphor for higher consciousness of life path.


Alanna proudly calls dozens of socially responsible and mission-driven companies among her clients, and takes great joy in supporting their leadership journeys and helping them to create workspaces where people love to come to play.

Chances are you might have seen Alanna doing a television interview or taking live audience calls on BTV, CBC, Knowledge or WTN in recent years. She was the only coach in Canada to make the WTN Expert Top 20 in 2008. More and more people can also report having heard one of Alanna’s keynotes or participated in one of her interactive workshops or groups. Alanna delivers keynotes and workshops to diverse audiences, talking about work as love made visible and also offering her signature Awakening Audacity Experience in which a featured individual is celebrated in a vibrant and grass roots life launch – part focus group, part barn-raising, Alanna makes a genuine community out of participants and a star out of her audacious client!  In 2009, she also revived the MomenTEAM™ concept she founded in 1999, bringing the best of one-on-one coaching and small group collaboration to teams of 6-8 participants.


Keep your eyes open in mid-2009 for Alanna’s newly created Spiritual Business Forum called COPIA: Enlightened Entrepreneurship with a quadruple bottom line… People, Planet, Profit, Presence… and take a look her timely blog for entrepreneurs and employees alike:


Alanna is available for keynotes, workshops, book signings and panel presentations, speaking to large and small groups at conferences and trade shows, corporations, professional associations, and not for profit organizations. Contact her via

She makes her home in Vancouver, Canada, and spends her personal time engrossed in hiking, travel, meditation and slow food.