A la Carte Recruitment Options

Good hiring can be a delicate balance of many complex factors.
And in these more complex situations (where one or several of the following conditions exist: postings have been up for some time without successfully sourcing the desired caliber of candidate; there is a known shortage of talent in the specific industry sector; there are features of the position which will make it less attractive to the majority of candidates such as lower-than-market compensation, extensive shift work, or longer-than-typical training or probation time; challenging working conditions, etc.) and we cannot definitively assure a successful hire on a specific timeline, we break the fee into segments and you pay only for the services and value delivered.


Once your needs are assessed and understood, you’ll receive a proposal and project breakdown, and be able to request budgeted services from the following menu:


  • Initial Consultation & Needs Assessment
  • Writing of new “advertorial” postings
  • Preliminary resume screening to develop longlist
  • Telephone and in-person interviewing to develop shortlist from responses to posting
  • In-person interviewing of final candidates
  • Reference Checks
  • Consultation on hiring decision and offer negotiation
  • Fill fee when candidate selected from this process
  • Fit Gurantee


30 minute initial consultations are always complimentary and without obligation. Email Alanna [at] alannafero.com to get the process started today.