Welcome. If you’ve found yourself at this site, we can both trust it’s for good reason, an appointment in the very moment of your reading this line for us to get to know one another and see how we might serve.  I say “we” because, though I’m of course presenting myself here to be of service to you, that notion of “service”… of  vocation and purpose… of visionaries sparked to action, teams drawn to collaborate, souls inspired to an offering… is what tends to form the common denominator of the clients who work with me.

We all know the joys of running our businesses, shaping our careers, and making our lives as much as our livings in response to a higher calling – with deeply satisfying and lucrative rewards.  My clients and I choose to start the way we want to finish: with balanced, integrated, holistic and proven approaches that bring together the very best of spirit and strategy, support and structure.

Whether you are looking for coaching or consulting to help launch a new business or grow an existing one; have a special interest in triple bottom line/social venture; have an interest in the STR8T GOODS™, Visioneer™ or LUMENS Executive™ programs; would benefit from some support to tap into that sense of direction on your life path; are intrigued by the thought of bringing intuition & strategy together in an Intuitive Strategies Higher Ground experience; find yourself in the midst of career transition – or a desire to be in transition instead of feeling stuck; are in need of hiring new employees that fit your organization or compassionate and customized approaches to outplacing valued employees you are forced to let go; or you just want an inspiring and engaging speaker on these and related subjects for your event or media outlet, you’ll find that a philosophy and style mixing idealism and pragmatism, equal parts intuition and market knowledge, is what ties it all together.

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